When enrolling your child, the parent(s) or guardian(s) will sign a daycare provision agreement. This agreement will state weekly tuition fees, days attending, and pick-up and drop-off times. It is also very important that we have current phone numbers in cases your child becomes ill while in our care. At any time if your work, home or cell numbers are changed please be sure to let us know the new phone numbers.

DSS Contracted

If you are receiving state assistance for your child, you will be responsible for paying the parent fee and the difference in tuition.

Open Door Plan

In order that we may insure the utmost care and safety for your child, we have instituted the following policies.

Parents are always welcome at Pea Pods, and we invite you to drop in at any time. if you feel the need to observe your child in the classroom setting, we ask that you do it in a way that does not disrupt the classroom activities, children or the teacher's ability to control the situration.

We have several occasions during the year where parents and family are invited to have lunch or share a planned acitivity with their child or children. Parents are also welcome to come along on any of our field trips.

Outdoor Play

We at Pea Pods love the great outdoors!  We go out on a daily basis, weather permitting. As a rule, the children will not go outside if the temperature falls below 22 degrees (including wind-chill factor). We will not go outside if there is thunder, lightning, or heavy rain. If the weather clears up but the ground is still wet, we may or may not participate in outdoor play. Please provide appropriate outdoor clothing, which may include boots, hats, mittens, snow pants, and jackets.

Food Policy

Pea Pods serves nutritious breakfast, lunch, and two snacks per day.






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